Discover the Magic Taste of Siwar Foods' Yummy Belgian Waffles

Nov 01, 2023

On-the-go but craving a sumptuous breakfast delight? Dive into Siwar Foods' exquisite Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Belgian Waffles. Infusing authentic Belgian recipes with the modern luxury of convenience, we offer a flavour-rich journey for your mornings and beyond.

Elevate Your Morning Rituals

RTE Chocolate-Infused Waffle: Cocoa aficionados, this one's for you! Dive into our fluffy, chocolate-rich waffles. Augment its luscious depth with freshly sliced strawberries or a gentle sprinkle of powdered sugar, and complement it with a strong mocha or silky almond milk.

RTE Apple-Infused Waffle: In the mood for some fruity zest? Grounded in Belgian craftsmanship, our waffles introduce a tantalising apple nuance that's irresistibly refreshing. Sprinkle some cinnamon, drench in caramel, or crown with vanilla ice cream. Pair this delicacy with a warm chai tea or invigorating apple cider to achieve gastronomic perfection.

How to Heat?
Serving Instructions: [Toaster]
1. Remove the outer sleeve.
2. Toast for 4 minutes.

    Serving Instructions: [Air-fryer]
    1. Remove the outer sleeve.
    2. Set the Air-fryer at 200-220°C and cook the frozen waffles for 4 minutes.

      Amidst a hectic morning or a tranquil evening, our Belgian waffles integrate perfectly into any segment of your day. Conceived for the contemporary dynamo, each bite assures instant gourmet gratification. Follow our simple heating instructions, and let the flavours carry you away!

      About Siwar Foods:

      Food for a New Generation
      Discover and savour time-saving and convenient ready-to-eat (RTE) frozen foods with Siwar Foods. Our selection offers a quick solution to your culinary needs and provides global flavours across meals, pizzas, desserts, pancakes, waffles and ice creams. Featuring power brands like Iceland Products, Minions Range, and TGIF Chicken, dive into world-class tastes and cherish unparalleled RTE food excellence.

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