Unlock the Taste of UK's Best-tasting Iceland Products!

Nov 06, 2023

Special Offer! Buy 4 and get 25% OFF - Massive Savings on Frozen Foods!
Promo Duration: 1st – 31st November 2023

Experience the Pinnacle of Ready-to-Eat Frozen Foods

Ever caught in a trance of the UK's gourmet wonders amidst KSA's bustling life? Your search for premium Ready-to-Eat frozen foods in KSA ends here! Dive into the exquisite taste of RTE Iceland Products, direct from the UK's culinary hubs, all set to grace your tables in KSA.

Frozen Foods Revolution: Where Quality Serves the Busy Bees

No more trading taste for time! Iceland's Ready-to-Eat frozen foods are tailored for the dynamic urban pros - our cherished yuppies. Navigate KSA's fast-paced life with a UK twist. Relish authentic UK flavours with our RTE selections, a perfect blend for those dodging extended kitchen hours.

Exclusive offer at www.siwar.com

Mark your calendars! This November, in KSA, the UK’s best Ready-to-Eat frozen foods come with a pocket-friendly tag. Grab four of our Iceland treats and get 25% OFF and pocket savings up to SAR 24! An offer that combines incredible savings with a culinary tour of the UK's flavours.

  • Iceland Mozzarella Sticks 240g

  • Iceland Hash Brown Fries 500g

  • Iceland Mediterranean Vegetables 500g

  • Iceland Mixed Pepper Stir Fry 500g

  • Iceland Vegetable Spring Rolls 480g

  • Iceland White Chocolate Majestics 334g

  • Iceland Cola Bottles Lollies 360g

About Siwar Foods and Iceland International:

Siwar Foods and Iceland International have signed a franchise and distribution agreement to introduce a new range of Ready-to-Eat products in KSA, leveraging Iceland's extensive distribution network. With Iceland's presence in 65 countries, KSA stands out as a pivotal growth market.

We truly value your feedback. If you need any information on our products, kindly contact us directly at siwarfoods@siwar.com or +966 11 220 0078.

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