A New Era in Frozen Foods: Iceland Products from the UK is now available in Saudi Arabia.

Oct 16, 2023

Iceland Foods, a renowned retailer from the United Kingdom, is making its mark in the Middle East. Known for its deep commitment to quality, freshness, and genuine flavours, this top British food retailer is a favourite for those seeking frozen foods, from prepared meals to vegetables, ready to heat and serve.

Siwar Foods, aligned with its 'Food for a New Generation' campaign, has secured exclusive franchise and distribution rights for Iceland Foods in Saudi Arabia. Aiming to breathe new life into the Ready-to-Eat (RTE) segment, Siwar Foods taps into the rhythm of our fast-paced lives. With tight schedules and never-ending to-do lists, the need for easy yet delicious food solutions is paramount. That's where Iceland Foods’ frozen range fits in.

Iceland's Top Picks Frozen Foods, ready to heat and serve:

Iceland Mozzarella Sticks 240g: Whether it's Friday night catchups, those Monday blues, or a cheeky 'treat yourself' moment, these are a hit. Crispy golden breadcrumbs around melty mozzarella, made for everyone from the hard workers to the daydreamers.

Iceland Hash Brown Fries 500g: Where the warmth of Sunday breakfasts meets the rush of everyday life. Shredded potato with a touch of onion crisped in rapeseed oil.

Iceland Mediterranean Vegetables 500g: Let your senses travel to the sunny Mediterranean shores. Bright courgettes, deep red onions, bold peppers, juicy cherry tomatoes, and fragrant garlic, all brought together with a hint of basil.

Iceland Mixed Pepper Stir Fry 500g: Whip up a mix of colours and tastes straight from your kitchen. Crisp peppers, fresh savoy cabbage, bright red onion, sweet carrots, and beansprouts ready to delight.

Iceland Vegetable Spring Rolls 480g: Imagine this - Golden, crispy filo pastry
wrapping up garden-fresh vegetables with rich soy sauce undertones. Perfect for
film nights, impromptu get-togethers, or when you want something special.

In our ever-moving world, Siwar Foods, hand in hand with Iceland Foods, brings the UK's cherished frozen food gems to Saudi Arabia. Whether you're a bustling young professional, a dedicated parent, or just someone on the go, our commitment remains the same: top quality, convenience, and a taste adventure.

Welcome to the future of ready-to-eat indulgences.

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