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DOUGH.CHI Cinnamon Churro

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What is Cookie Dough Ice Cream? It's a delicious fusion of creamy ice cream and cookie dough chunks. Our unique Cookie Dough Ice Cream Treat takes this concept to a new level. Imagine rich, gluten-free ice cream enveloped in a layer of soft, gluten-free cookie dough. This innovative dessert combines the best of both worlds: ice cream's smooth, cool delight with cookie dough's chewy, sweet taste. Enjoy the double delight of cookie dough ice cream wrapped in cookie dough for a truly unique dessert experience.

How To Store

Keep frozen at -18°C, and do not refreeze once defrosted.

Frequently asked question

We currently deliver to major cities in KSA, including Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Khobar. We are actively working on expanding our delivery range to other cities. In the meantime, our products can be purchased from major retailers and available on prominent online food delivery platforms and marketplaces. We are committed to ensuring that our customers have a variety of ways to enjoy our products.
At Siwar Foods, we understand the importance of 'free from' options like gluten-free. We are continuously expanding our range to accommodate different dietary needs. We aim to provide a diverse selection of delicious and safe choices for everyone
We offer calorie-controlled options across many products, including meals. The calorie information is displayed on the back of the box, with some products featuring highlighted calorie content on the front.