Siwar Foods signs an agreement with Saudi Airlines Catering Company

Dec 27, 2022

Siwar Foods, a Saudi FMCG company focused on ready to eat food solutions, has signed a formal agreement with Saudi Airlines Catering Company (SACC). The agreement will see the two companies work together on food solutions for different segments including corporate business lines.

The market for time saving and ready to eat food continues to grow in KSA and research conducted by Siwar highlighted that consumers are open to purchasing frozen ready-made meals, with taste, variety, quality and affordability being the most important drives of choice.

Additionally, the market for food services within the corporate world is growing, as companies look to balance choice and quality with affordable and flexible menu options.

Commenting on the agreement, Loaye Al-Nahedh, Siwar CEO & Founder said:                'We are pleased to continue our relationship with SACC and we are looking forward to a mutually beneficial partnership where we can bring our unique experiences together and further strengthen our positions in the market’.

Siwar’s product range continues to expand and currently includes meals and desserts, which are available at leading retailers across KSA, via Siwar’s website and Mobile online application and from a growing number of ‘Chef in a Box’ vending machines.

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About Siwar Foods: We are a new Saudi FMCG company, focused on redefining the ‘time saving’ food sector in KSA and the region. Built on an agile business model, we work with leading suppliers to bring the flavours from around the world to our market. Our expanding range of products brings customers the convenience of ready to eat food, combining variety, taste, quality and affordability. Ultimately, our range of time saving inspired products helps people live a better life, without compromising on what’s important to them. We serve consumer and business sectors, with an omni channel presence including retail, online and ‘Chef in a Box’ vending machines, a first for the region. With our commitment to sustainability and an environmentally friendly business approach, we are proudly aligned to Vision 2030.

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