Siwar Foods launches its gourmet ‘healthy’ range of ready to eat meals

Dec 27, 2022

Siwar Foods has just launched a new gourmet range of meals, featuring low calorie and high protein dishes. The ‘time saving’ meals, bring consumers the convenience of being able to heat & eat a meal in minutes, with great taste and now with a healthier choice option.

The new range includes calorie controlled dishes such as Brazilian Steak with Spinach (less than 350 calories per serving) and high protein dishes such as Basil Chicken with Zucchini (45 grams of protein per serving).

The increase in consumer demand for ready to eat healthier food choices requires balancing price-value, with affordability of food becoming more important to consumers. In a recent survey conducted by The Middle East Consumer Sentiment Survey, ‘more than 50% of consumers in KSA and UAE said they are cutting back on spending, including grocery shopping’.

With this in mind, Siwar has introduced a ‘Buy 1 & get 2nd half price’ offer, available on all of its products, including the new gourmet range. The offer represents great value for money and the chance for consumers to try different dishes.

CEO Loaye Al-Nahedh commented, ‘we are proud to introduce our latest range of health-conscious meals at a time when more and more people are looking for time saving food options. For us, the sweet spot is combining taste, nutrition and variety, at an affordable price, especially at a time when everyday supermarket prices are increasing’

The full range of Siwar’s ready to eat meals and desserts can be found in retailers across KSA or ordered online via the Siwar mobile application.


About Siwar Foods: We are a new Saudi FMCG company, focused on redefining the ‘time saving’ food sector in KSA and the region. Built on an agile business model, we work with leading suppliers to bring ready to eat products, inspired by flavours from around the world, to our market. Our products help people live a better life, without compromising on what’s important to them; variety, taste, quality and affordability. We serve consumer and business sectors, with an omni channel presence in retail, online and ‘Chef in a Box’ vending machines, a first for the region. With our commitment to sustainability and an environmentally friendly business approach, we are proudly aligned to Vision 2030.

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