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Dec 07, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, finding time to cook a delicious, authentic meal can be challenging. That's why we've introduced our Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Meals, combining time-saving convenience with unmatched quality for the modern, busy individual. Our range includes expertly crafted Arabic and Indian selections, ensuring every meal is a memorable culinary experience now in great new taste! 

 1. Chicken Bukhari: Authentic Arabic Delight On-the-Go 

Dive into the authentic richness of Chicken Bukhari from our Ready to Eat Arabic Range. Perfectly seasoned chicken and authentic spices offer a delicious solution for professionals on the move. This quick, heat-and-eat dish is tailored for bustling days, providing a savoury escape without the wait. Heat and Eat!

2. Chicken Mandi: Rapidly Rich Yemeni Essence

Savour the authentic Yemeni flavours with Chicken Mandi. Deliciously marinated chicken served over fragrant rice, this meal from our Arabic Range is crafted for efficiency. It's the perfect choice for young professionals or busy moms seeking an authentic taste without the hassle. Heat and Eat!

3. Chicken Kabli: Swiftly Savoury Arabic Meal

Embark on a flavour-packed journey with our Chicken Kabli. Seasoned to perfection and blended with exquisite spices, this dish from our Arabic Range is a quick ticket to culinary ecstasy. It's exceptionally crafted for dynamic individuals who are always on the go. Heat and Eat! 

4. Shish Taouk with Yellow Rice: Exotic Arabic Cuisine 

Discover the authentic Middle Eastern charm with Shish Taouk served over vibrant yellow rice. Part of our Arabic Range, this dish is a taste adventure and a delightful quick meal solution. Perfect for those moments when you need something satisfying and fast. Heat and Eat!

5. Chicken Tikka Masala with Rice: Quick Gourmet Indian Delight

Relish the spicy zest of authentic Chicken Tikka Masala paired with fluffy rice. This dish from our Indian Range is a symphony of flavours ready in minutes. It's designed for modern professionals seeking a quick gourmet meal solution. Satisfy your cravings swiftly and deliciously. Heat and Eat!

6. Chicken Biryani: Instant Classic from India

Experience the timeless flavours of authentic Chicken Biryani. This dish, featuring layered rice and tender chicken infused with traditional spices, is an ideal choice from our Indian Range for those who appreciate taste and convenience. Savour the tradition in no time at all. Heat and Eat!

7. Butter Chicken with Rice: Heavenly Treat in Minutes

Dive into the creamy world of authentic Butter Chicken with Rice. Tender chicken chunks in a luscious gravy make this dish from our Indian Range a perfect blend of taste and time-saving convenience. It's a must-have for those who crave decadence on demand. Heat and Eat!

Our RTE meals promise not just convenience but a true gastronomic delight. They are perfect for busy professionals, active students, or anyone who loves great food but has little time to prepare it. With our range, you're always just minutes away from enjoying a delicious meal. Heat, eat, and savour the authentic traditions in every flavour!

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About Siwar Foods: 

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Discover and savour time-saving and convenient ready-to-eat (RTE) frozen foods with Siwar Foods. Our selection offers a quick solution to your culinary needs and provides global flavours across meals, pizzas, desserts, pancakes, waffles and ice creams. Featuring power brands like Iceland Products, Minions Range, and TGIF Chicken, dive into world-class tastes and cherish unparalleled RTE food excellence. If you need any information on our products, kindly contact us at or +966 11 220 0078.

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